Actus Via is concerned particulary about taking care of business-oriented client. The professional experience of its founder and his close cooperation with other coaches well-versed in the corporate world gives Actus Via the proper tools to work in this professional environment. The individual always comes first. That is why Actus Via takes into consideration the individual's position (employee, manager, director, president, main share holder), his working environment and personal situation.

This type of coaching assists the client in accomplishing his/her professional goals in a given amount of time.

Benefits of coaching for companies and enterprises. Favoring deep changes:

Actus Via believes that individual coaching for companies and enterprises goes beyond the goal defined by the client or the legal entity. This type of coaching has many positive effects on the individual's life, aiming to balance the individual's professional and personal life, the coaching for companies and enterprises helps to build the individual's self-esteem as well as their interpersonal and communication skills. Promoting the employees' confidence is crucial for achieving success in professional challenges. Thus, Actus Via maximizes the client's potential in the following fields:

Group coaching - team building for companies and enterprises

Team spirit is built between the members from the ground up and is essential in any successful working environment. The team leader has to encourage and motivate each member by understanding their personal and professional aspirations. At this point, Actus Via plays a double role:

  1. -Assisting the team leader in order to improve his/her leadership skills, always respecting his/her personal style. The coach helps to identify and assign the goals to be accomplished by the team.

  2. -Carrying out individual coaching sessions with each of the members of the team who agreed to terms and conditions of the contract. The coach will assist them in clarifying their professional goals as they relate to the team and to the company.

Benefits of group coaching oriented to team building:

The objective of the team building seminar is to combine and maximize the team potential. To that end, we are going to address essential points, such as performance and efficiency through time and business management improvements. This approach has many benefits to the team members:

  1. -Opening new horizons. Thus, the individual can face his/her personal and professional challenges.

  2. -Strengthening decision-making skills by increasing member autonomy.

  3. -Improving interpersonal efficiency by increasing member self-esteem.

In order to excel in this collective project it is very important to have close cooperation between the coach, the team leader, and the concerned department. The role played by Actus Via is complimentary to the one played by the team leader, thus they must collaborate with each other in the seminar preparation.

The main goal of this experience is to create the proper environment for professional improvement at individual and collective levels. To that end, the coach is responsible for encouraging and inspiring the group, facilitating a favorable environment for employees and employers. Moreover, the coach will dedicate time for individual coaching.The cooperation between all the parties, including the member of the team and its leader, is crucial to assure the success of this approach. During the team building activities, the team leader can take advantage of the team building to reaffirm his/her authority. The seminar begins at the company headquarter with a presentation by the coach. This presentation aims to give a general vision of the activity, answer questions, establish rules, and make a first contact with all the parties involved.

Actus Via proposes two types of seminars:

The pre-seminar planning between the coach and the group leader is essential. In fact, Actus Via suggests some coaching sessions between the coach and group leader before preparing the seminar, as well as a previous visit to the seminar location. This shared time helps to define the goals of the seminar. Therefore Actus Via offers two types of seminars:

1º) The first option is customized according to the client's needs. The group leader is in charge of choosing a location which has the proper infrastructure to carry out the seminars.

2º) The second option consists of walking a predetermined route for seven consecutive days:

  1. a)An easily accessible location close to the airports in Spain, Cyprus, Greece, or Malta.

  2. b)Rhône-Alpes region, France, or any other place in France, according to company's location and choice.

  3. c)Le Puy en Velay, France, with Pompon Santiago and other donkeys (hiking and camping in the countryside).

Services to enterprises

Actus Via focuses its action on developing the welfare and the potential of people. Promote a better communication between team members will maximize its efficiency. Actus Via will accompany you to clarify the objectives to be achieved in accordance with the company project.

Individual coaching for companies and enterprises

  1. Environment: Is your situation outside your professional life compatible with your professional expectations? Could you improve the impact of your own environment for your work to be done more efficiently?

  2. Behavior: Do you behave professionally? Are your actions consistent with the company you work for, collaborate with, or represent?

  3. Are you taking advantage of your talent and skills? Don't you think you deserve to know your real potential? Don't' you think it will have a positive effect in your career or professional development?

  4. Have you identified any beliefs that can help you in your work? Which ones are blocking your potential? Why don't you change them to get better results?

  5. Could you improve the way you communicate? Do the messages you send have a positive impact on your team or coworkers?

  6. Have you identified your core values? Are your core values consistent with your company's values? Do you think they could lead to conflicts that can be avoided by considering that individuals may have different priorities?

  7. How about your emotions? How do you feel? Wouldn't you be interested in a job where you can channel them properly instead of unsuccessfully controlling them?

  8. How about your self-esteem? Don't we work better when we have a good opinion of ourselves?

  9. Is your real image consistent with the one you pass off in your work environment?

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