4º) Individual coaching

This kind of session aims to assist the client to achieve his/her professional objectives, maximizing his/her potential as an individual.

5º) Group coaching - "team building"

The main goal in these sessions is to unite and maximize the team potential, increasing its efficiency and opening new personal and professional horizons. This process can be faciliated through change of environment.

1º) Individual coaching

The main goal of these sessions is to create an environment that inspires and favors the individual's changes, and facilitates the personal and professional achievements.

2º) Group coaching - outdoor seminars

The main idea of this kind of session is to guide the group towards a common harmony, creating a sense of group and facilitating the interchange of ideas and mutual help. In order to encourage the teamwork spirit and promote a new "clean" environment for long-lasting changes in everyone's life, we propose a series of walks in nature for seven consecutive days.

3º) Individual or group coaching in a natural setting

The body has to move so that the spirit is in harmony with it. It follows the same idea of the individual coaching however with a physical change in the client's environment, regardless of the presence or not of their coach.

I. Individuals

II. Enterprises

Into action

Our offer

In case of mutual interest between coach and client, after the first experimental session, Actus Via offers live sessions depending on the client's location and availability. We offer on-site sessions in our headquarters in Lyon as well as session in an office or home. Actus Via can offer remote coaching (phone, Skype, e-mail) as well. Aiming to encourage and accelerate the client's decision making, Actus Via may suggest in-person interactive, in-nature coaching or coaching with the possibility of a change of his/her environment.

Actus Via offers coaching sessions for:

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